Welcome to The Gold Magnolia!

Questions that should be Frequently Asked...

1.  When will I receive my order?

Ready to Ship Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days.  

Approximate Shipping Time:

First Class Mail - 5-10 Business Days

Priority Mail - 3-5 Business Days

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY BY A CERTAIN DATE.  We can only tell you when we will ship it 

2.  Why does it take 3-4 weeks to ship my  Made to Order item?  

We are a 100% Handmade Shop.  It just takes longer and we don't want to keep a large inventory of sizes that no one wears...So it'll ship within 3-4 weeks if that is what the listing says, then allow the appropriate shipping time.  If you have a time sensitive order, I suggest you contacting us first before ordering.

3.  How do I care for my clothes from The Gold Magnolia?  

With Few Exceptions, most items are hand wash and hang to dry, however, we do have a handful of Dry Clean Only items.  Be sure and read the descriptions!  DRY CLEAN will SPECIFICALLY Be stated!  To minimize shrinkage, we do pre shrink all knits that are prone to shrinkage.


I do have an in-home Studio.  We do have pets.  My pets do not go near the studio or even that side of the home, however, we do understand that severe allergic reactions can occur with the smallest bits of dander, so we do want you to be aware.